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free to choose
Art Carden

Free to Choose After Forty Years

“Free to Choose holds up very well even after forty years. Friedman’s analysis still holds, and it’s interesting to see (for example) how the rhetoric of the opposition to educational choice hasn’t really changed. Free to Choose does more than show that freedom works. It explains why, and it does so memorably.” ~ Art Carden


Stacey Rudin

Witchcraft, Leprosy, and Covid: “Power to Harm” as Political Weapon

“Everyone is blaming everyone else for external behaviors — social disapproval eliminates the need for police enforcement — with a targeted goal of perfect compliance. This was set in motion when the government made a bald, difficult-to-disprove assertion — ‘together, we can stop death’ — and built-in a dissent-silencing mechanism: ‘we are trying to save lives, so anyone who disagrees with us is a killer.'” ~ Stacey Rudin


andrew cuomo
Daniel Klein

Covid Fail by Elites and Stooges

“The Trump economy was ruined. Look what’s happened on his watch! All just in time for the election. And especially in the more Democrat-controlled states.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Jon Murphy

An Avalanche of Failure

“When the feedback mechanism of personal interaction is overruled by a grand scheme, even if it is noble and (seemingly) virtuous, there can be strong negative results that cause the central planner to double, triple, or quadruple down on his failed scheme, resulting in even more problems.” ~ Jon Murphy


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