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Robert Hughes

Consumer Inflation Expectations Fell and Sentiment Edged Higher in Early September

“Consumer sentiment edged higher in early September but remains at recessionary levels. Inflation expectations fell to a 12-month low, but consumer uncertainty about the economy rose.” ~ Robert Hughes


Anthony Gill

Jubilee and Student Loan Forgiveness

“Today, we have modern governments, which have significantly more power to tinker with economic incentives, monitoring and enforcing policies that ostensibly benefit the commonweal.” ~ Michael D. Thomas and Anthony Gill


Alexander W. Salter

Financial Stability and the Fed

“The Fed failed at its initial task of promoting financial stability. It has failed at conducting monetary policy as well. Given the Fed’s major financial-policy and monetary-policy errors since 2008, we should explore major structural changes.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Thomas L. Hogan

Five Questions for Fed Chair Jerome Powell

“After each meeting, Chair Powell holds a press conference where he takes questions from the media. Most reporters ask about the state of inflation or the Fed’s interest rate decisions, while important policy questions go unasked.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


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