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Alexander W. Salter

NASA is Paying for Moon Rocks. The Implications for Space Commerce are Huge

“In ancient times, mankind extended the division of labor across tribes, turning enemies into friends. Later came trade across national boundaries, with similar largely peaceful effects. Now, humans are prepared to extend it still further: into the final frontier. Doux commerce is coming to the stars. NASA just made a ‘giant leap for mankind.’ Everyone who cares about human wealth and welfare should heartily thank them.” ~ Alexander W. Salter & David R. Henderson


Robert Hughes

Retail Spending Rises in August But the Pace Slows

“Retail sales posted another gain in August, but the pace is slowing; persistent uncertainty regarding Covid-19 and government policies remains a significant risk to future growth.” – Robert Hughes


Robert E. Wright

Yes, 2021 Could Be Worse

“Buck up, buckaroos, because 2021 is just a cultural construct anyway. The world will improve not on an arbitrary day but when you all decide to make it a better place.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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