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Robert Hughes

Energy and Vehicle Production Fall While Other Industries Continue to Rebound

A manufacturing rebound continued in August, but recoveries vary widely across industries. Persistent uncertainty about Covid-19 and government policies continue to threaten the recovery.


washington & lee, campus
Art Carden

So You Want to Overthrow the State: Ten Questions for Aspiring Revolutionaries

“A course that asks students to put themselves in the positions of aspiring revolutionaries and to prepare their own revolutionary manifestoes is extremely creative. I think it’s the kind of course from which students can benefit mightily–if, of course, they ask the right questions.” ~ Art Carden


John Tamny

Are Lockdowns an Election-Year Ransom Note?

“Yet again raises a question about the why behind the continued limits placed on people, schools and businesses. They’ve never made sense in consideration of how thankfully rare death (or even serious illness) has been as a consequence of the virus, especially in recent weeks.” ~ John Tamny


women, shopping, economic impact
Joakim Book

Deeply Impacting the Economy

“When the world suddenly changes, we want an economic system that adjusts and reflects our updated knowledge and desires. That requires prices to move, quantities to change, bankruptcies to occur and a whole lot of profiteering – whether in our world or in fictional worlds.” ~ Joakim Book


cambridge, campus, river
Richard M. Ebeling

Disaggregating Keynes Demonstrates Macro Delusions

“Which view of man prevails – man seen as a reasonable but imperfect person who can guide and direct his own life, or man seen as an irrational being constantly needing someone else to direct and dictate how and what he does – will determine the future for mankind, not only out of the current economic crisis, but also for the many years and decades to come.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


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