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Barry Brownstein

All for Nothing

“Kempowski helps us realize that progress will go retrograde when people adopt illiberal beliefs. Will blinding fear and false faith set the course for the next era of American history? Has the suffering during the pandemic been all for nothing?” ~ Barry Brownstein


Alexander W. Salter

Can Congress Rein in the Fed?

“As long as we’re stuck with a central bank, we should give it an unambiguous mandate and watch it like a hawk. Monetary policymakers answer to the people’s representatives, in Congress assembled. Let’s remind them.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Robert Hughes

AIER Leading Indicators Index Signals Continued Elevated Risks

“The AIER Leading Indicators Index remained well below neutral in August, signaling broadening economic weakness and sharply elevated levels of risk for the outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Per Bylund

Wanted: Economic Literacy

“Economics is in a very real sense a way of thinking that is continuously enlightening to whomever masters that science. It is not about memorizing lemmas or models, or of learning technically sophisticated methods. It’s something much more fundamental: an understanding of how the world works.” ~ Per L. Bylund


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