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James Bovard

Red Light Robberies Across America

“‘Taxation by citation’ is a license for bureaucratic tyranny. How much longer will local politicians be permitted to plunder drivers and subvert safety with impunity?” ~ James Bovard


Robert Hughes

Everyday Price Index Rises at a Slower Pace in August

“AIER’s Everyday Price Index posted a slower gain in August but is still up 6.8 percent from a year ago. Prices of many goods and services continue to be distorted by the lingering effects of the pandemic and government shutdowns. As these distortions fade, price pressures are likely to ease.” – Robert Hughes


William J. Luther

Trouble Transacting with Bitcoin

“Problems with bitcoin’s design––including its suboptimal supply constraint and limited transactions capacity––cast doubt on the claim that bitcoin is superior to the monies widely used at present.” ~ William J. Luther


Art Carden

How Experts Can Fail Even When They Are Right

“Like experts on energy efficiency don’t know where to set your thermostat, experts on health risks don’t know which bundle of risks and precautions is the right one given your goals and values.” ~ Art Carden


Richard M. Ebeling

Identity Politics and Systemic Racism Theory as the New Marxo-Nazism

“The new Marxo-Nazism of identity politics and systemic racism theory would turn back the clock and return us to a time and type of society that America and Americans have worked so hard to place in the past of human history.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


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