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Stacey Rudin

Federal Court Holds “Stay-at-Home” Orders and Mandatory Business Closures Unconstitutional

“Orders like Judge Stickman’s today remind the American people that they are not, actually, legally governed by fifty individual dictators, each empowered to declare at whim unlimited “emergencies” restricting basic, unalienable rights. No, we are not that.” ~ Stacey Rudin



YouTube Censors White House Health Advisor Scott Atlas

“Incredibly, YouTube has take down the video interview of Scott Atlas for the usual vague reasons about community standards. AIER has it embedded here.” ~ AIER


Michael Munger

Why Do Basketball Players Make More Than Teachers?

“As an educator myself, I am happy to grant that teachers produce value for students, and for society. But even the most marginal teacher, at the worst and least motivated public school, can’t-wait-for-retirement clock puncher, makes far more than the marginal basketball player. You can’t compare the marginal unit of water, or teachers, with diamonds.” ~ Michael Munger


Lyle Albaugh

Coase and Covid: The Individualized Option

“The case, in short, for government-orchestrated NPIs is simply invalid. Why was Coase ignored and the individualized option never considered? And why will so many people continue to reject it?” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux & Lyle D. Albaugh


Jenin Younes

Corona’s Culture of Coercive Compliance

“We are not to ask certain questions, according to the politicians, the experts, our friends. It’s over when we say it’s over, they say. We must keep each other safe. So cover your nose and mouth. Stand six feet apart. Stay home. Comply.” ~ Jenin Younes


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