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Robert Hughes

AIER Leading Indicators Drop Sharply but Remain Above Neutral

“AIER’s Leading Indicators Index posted a sharp decline in August, falling to 58. Five consecutive pullbacks suggest that breadth of growth is likely to narrow in the future. Furthermore, resurging Covid is impacting consumers and threatening the outlook. Caution is warranted.” – Robert Hughes


Clifford Thies

Military Equipment and the Labor Theory of Value

“Ludwig von Mises once joked that only the government could take a useful commodity like paper, slap some ink on it, and make it worthless. We appear to have a similar problem with military equipment.” ~ Clifford F. Theis


Max Borders

The Best Defense Against Violence

“The more people who are engaged in morality, meaning, and mind control, the fewer people will be looking to politics for their place in the world. And in so doing, they provides just a little more of the best defense against the world’s violence.” ~ Max Borders


James Hanley

Do Not Trust the Cargo-cult Science

“Trust the science? I am a staunch advocate of the scientific method. But slogans are not science, and they serve primarily to hide weaknesses rather than reveal strengths.” ~ James E. Hanley


Thomas L. Hogan

How the Fed Can Improve Financial Stability and Reduce Inequality

“There is clear evidence that bank deregulation can improve financial stability while also shrinking inequality. By lowering the costs of doing business, strong but simple regulations improve job opportunities for low-skilled and minority workers.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan & Amelia Janaskie


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