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Max Gulker

What Monks Can Teach Us About Blockchain

“While we sit around wondering why blockchain and other technologies aren’t turning the world upside down before our very eyes, it’s instructive to remember that epoch-defining inventions of the past that we now reduce to a sentence or two actually took ages to unfold.” ~ Max Gulker


Robert Hughes

New Record Highs for Small-Business Confidence and Job Openings

The small-business-optimism index from the National Federation of Independent Business jumped to 108.8 in August, a new all-time high. Job openings also reached a new all-time high. Combined, these reports indicate on-going economic strength and support a positive outlook over the coming months and quarters.


Jeffrey Tucker

The Economics of Autarky

It is not so much economic as political and philosophical: history must drive toward centralized power under great men and their intellectual advisors. Economic forces must be restricted to the bounds of the nation-state, because those bounds are the limits of the jurisdiction of the powers that be. Trade outside the borders, in this case, represents a kind of treason against state power.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Richard M. Ebeling

Macro Aggregates Hide the Real Market Processes at Work

“A crucial reason why monetary and fiscal planners fail traces to the indicators they use as the signposts for what they may need to do are themselves false signals hiding from view the reality of the complex market system.” ~ Richard Ebeling 


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