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Joakim Book

When Grand Histories Go Wrong

“Coggan embarked on an ambitious scheme to tell us about economic growth through the ages. In that he succeeds, but the account leaves much else to be desired.” ~ Joakim Book


Max Borders

The Paradox of Turnkey Totalitarianism

“The upshot of Turnkey Totalitarianism is deeply problematic, even though there are evil geniuses among the citizenry. After all, wasn’t it very likely a small group of government technocrats who unleashed the Covid-19 pandemic?” ~ Max Borders


Robert E. Wright

America’s Medici Moment?

“And thus corporations are led, by an invisible hand, to promote an end which was no part of their intention, the simultaneous enrichment of themselves and empowerment of party partisans.” ~ Robert E. Wright


William J. Luther

What’s Wrong With Bitcoin’s Supply Mechanism?

“Bitcoin’s supply mechanism fails to provide a long-run nominal anchor or promote monetary stability. A better money would employ a supply mechanism that offsets changes in the demand to hold it.” ~ William J. Luther


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