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New York City, Sunrise
Taleed Brown

The New Normal Is Wrecking New York

“This collective fight against the coronavirus, which was supposed to be two weeks to flatten the curve, has to be one of the most socially destructive impositions our country has ever faced.” ~ Taleed Brown


Donald J. Boudreaux

Coase and Covid

“An implicit assumption undergirding the mandated NPIs is that ordering people to be confined at home and ‘socially distant’ from each other, despite the resulting massive disruption of economic and social activities, is the lowest cost means of protecting individuals from covid. But even if we grant here that mandated NPIs are an effective means of reducing the physiological harm caused by covid, they are not the only means of achieving this worthwhile outcome.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux & Lyle D. Albaugh


brain, pedestal
Gerald P. Dwyer

What Would We Do without Experts?

“Experts have been responsible for eugenic policies in the past and forced sterilizations in the United States until relatively recently. It is hard to imagine a more intrusive and life-altering event than forced sterilization. All in all, while politicians are the bane of any democracy, there are lots of reasons to think it better to give political power to elected representatives than to unelected experts who may mean well and so often do enormous harm.” ~ Gerald P. Dwyer


Robert Hughes

Total Unemployment Benefits Recipients Hovering Near 30 Million

Initial and continuing claims for unemployment benefits remain very high, suggesting complete economic recovery may be a long way off.


Looting Rioting
Caroline Breashears

America’s 1984: Welcome to the Hate

“It’s time to interrupt the current of Hate, time to name both its causes and the long-term effects on individualism and prosperity. Contra 1984, Freedom is not Slavery.” ~ Caroline Breashears


Art Carden

The Resilience and Brilliance of the World’s Poorest: The Case of Pagpag

“The problem isn’t that the world’s poorest don’t work hard. The problem is that they work hard in societies where restrictions on economic freedom throttle growth.” ~ Art Carden


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