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Alexander W. Salter

Modeling the Money Supply

“We have to be very careful about generalizing across money and banking regimes. Many features of one system don’t translate to others. Depending on the ‘rules of the game,’ the supply of money responds to the price of money in very different ways.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Gary Galles

‘Back To-School’ Teaches Us a Lesson About Government

“Parents trying to teach their child “the value of a dollar” have little luck convincing them otherwise, because it is the parents’ money, not the child’s, on the line. Then multiply that level of conflict by all the things government wants to ‘give’ us.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Joshua Mitchell

A Skeptic Confronts False Prophets

“McWhorter argues that woke racism is a new religion. Like other religions, woke racism has superstitions, a clergy, original sin, evangelical outreach, an apocalyptic vision, heretics, and an eagerness to supplant earlier religions.” ~ Joshua Mitchell


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