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Jon Sanders

Stronger, More Robust Natural Immunity Thwarts Any Case for “Vaccine Passports”

“Even taken on their own merits, these prohibitions amount to nothing more than a coin flip against each and every person turned away. Considered in full, they are cruel, discriminatory, and ultimately self-defeating.” ~ Jon Sanders


J.P. Koning

Was the OnlyFans Ban a Symptom of Creeping Financial Censorship?

“It is unfortunate that OnlyFans content creators were nearly deplatformed. However, it seems to be a local incident, and not indicative of a global decline in accessibility to payments.” ~ J.P. Koning


Doug Bandow

The Perennial Panacea of Universal National Service: North Korea Shows the Way

“Compassion cannot be coerced. To have moral meaning, service must be voluntary. It is vital that Americans keep the ‘mandatory’ and ‘national’ out of service. ~ Doug Bandow


Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Fall to the Lowest Level Since March 2020

“Weekly initial claims for unemployment benefits fell to a new pandemic low. A tight labor market and a record number of open jobs should help drive initial claims lower, but waves of new Covid cases will continue to disrupt economic activity.” – Robert Hughes


Donald J. Boudreaux

The Radical Message of Economics Well-Learned

“I’ve no complaint against economists who craft their public messages in order to avoid a loss of audience. But I do worry that these efforts subtly create in the minds of many such economists unwarranted doubts about the merits of laissez faire.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


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