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Robert Hughes

Job Openings Rise as Economy Reopens

Private-sector job openings are recovering but labor market dynamics remain challenging for workers and small businesses alike.


Jeffrey Tucker

The Clearest and Best Video Explanation of the Virus, the Lockdowns, and the Impact

“Those of us who have been reading and writing on lockdowns and the Covid-19 virus have been frustrated in competition with media frenzy and disinformation. Many times since February or so, I imagined that the latest study would put an end to the fake-science silliness and highly damaging lockdowns. But it kept not happening.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Ethan Yang

Litigating Over Lockdowns

“The rights guaranteed in the Constitution are not there merely for decoration and warm feelings, nor can we expect the very entity they serve to limit, the state, to protect them for us. Rather they are upheld by a free, educated, and litigious people who guard their liberty jealously. Such resistance is necessary for an accountable and prudent government.” ~ Ethan Yang


george bush
James Bovard

The War on Terror Presaged Covid Mania

“Like the endless War on Terror, the Covid shutdowns will likely be viewed as one of the greatest political debacles in modern American history. But many politicians still believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved by a bigger federal iron fist. Will the media continue venerating “experts” until American freedom and prosperity are both obliterated?” ~ James Bovard


same thinking
Phillip W. Magness

Meet the New Fed, Same as the Old Fed: Jerome Powell’s Inflation Revelation Falls Flat

“If it’s serious about a 2% inflation target, the Fed will have to do better than a pep rally. We were promised meaningful change; what we got was the same old song and dance.” ~ Phillip W. Magness & Alexander W. Salter


John Tamny

The Pilfering of TikTok

“History is clear that when governments take things from private hands by force, what’s taken usually loses its value. What applies to the rest of the world also applies to us.” ~ John Tamny


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