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Peter C. Earle

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Introduction Hits Early Snags

“Other nations would be well advised to use El Salvador’s missteps as a guide for their own such attempts. And to suffuse their embrace of crypto beyond considerations of technology, observing its fundamentally libertarian spirit as well.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Robert Hughes

Job Openings Hit Another Record High in July

“Job openings hit another record high in July but the weaker-than-expected August jobs report and surging new Covid cases are clouding the economic outlook.” – Robert Hughes


John Tamny

New Jersey: Yet Another Reminder of How Good Americans Have It

“At the very least it’s a reminder that a bad day in the United States is an amazing day most anywhere else. People are in love with what we dismiss. When we lament what’s spectacular we’re just acting spoiled.” ~ John Tamny


Clifford Thies

Dangerous Demographics in the Monthly Labor Summary

“We’re outside the range of the ‘full employment’ unemployment rate. The economy is, as many people sense, not as good as the official statistics say.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Joakim Book

Markets Already Internalize Externalities

“What’s so fascinating about this instance is that the economist corps already knows this: markets internalize externalities – by land value, by selection, by trade-off along other margins that matter to people.” ~ Joakim Book


Alexander W. Salter

Searching for Good Governance

“Applications of constitutional political economy include constitutional design and assessment. Finding the right mixture of voice and exit is one of the most important parts. Let’s get started.” ~ Alexander William Salter


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