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Paul Kupiec

Federal Reserve Operating Losses and the Federal Budget Deficit

“In 2023, the Fed will likely report tens of billions of dollars in operating losses as it raises interest rates to combat raging inflation. Will Fed losses increase the budget deficit as logic dictates they should, or will they be treated as an off-budget expenditure?” ~ Paul H. Kupiec & Alex J. Pollock


Michael Peterson

Welcome to Joe Biden’s Low Growth Economy

“If Biden truly wants to cement his legacy and restore American dominance, he will have to get out of the way and let individual drive and creativity flourish without the burden of high-handed officials obstructing the path to a more prosperous future.” ~ Michael N. Peterson


John Tamny

Empowering Insurance Companies to Save Lives

“Young people want to drive. Which is the point. Price signals will powerfully govern their ability to. If they’re reckless, the cost of driving will soar. And they’ll lose driving privileges. Problem solved by the free market.” ~ John Tamny


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