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Theodore Gebhard

What Is Tax Fairness?

“I suspect that, in a prosperous and growing economy, questions of ‘fairness’ will lose much of their political cachet and recede to the academic lounges where they belong.” ~ Theodore A. Gebhard


William J. Luther

Government Opposition to Bitcoin

“Government obstacles to widespread adoption take many forms, from mere transaction policy to outright bans on alternatives while providing close substitutes in the form of central bank digital currencies.” ~ William J. Luther


Joakim Book

The Political History of Silver in America

“The history of metals as monetary commodities is long, difficult, and highly contentious. With The Story of Silver, William Silber has earned his spot on that part of the library shelf.” ~ Joakim Book


Art Carden

Economics in Three I’s: Incentives, Institutions, and Intentions

“Economics is the study of human action and its unintended consequences, and if you take away three Is–Incentives Matter, Institutions Matter, Intentions Don’t Matter (as much as you think)–then you are on the road to wisdom.” ~ Art Carden


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