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Robert Hughes

August Services-Sector Activity Expands, Price Pressures Ease

“Services-sector expansion continued in August. Labor and materials shortages also continued, but there were some positive signs. However, signs of softening demand and concern about a weakening economy were also noted.” ~ Robert Hughes


Antony Davies

Loan Forgiveness Myths

“In the end, a college degree is either valuable or it isn’t. If it’s valuable, it will pay for itself. If it’s not valuable, no one should pay for it. Either way, there’s no reason for the government to be involved in higher education.” ~ Antony Davies


Gary Galles

Immobility Plan 2035

“The traffic safety proposals Streets for All and other backers of Mobility Plan 2035 are in such a hurry to implement may well increase rather than decrease Los Angeles deaths.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Lawrence H White

How Common Has Private Currency Been?

“Private banknotes can still be found in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, and Macau, where they have not yet been banned or taxed out of existence.” ~ Lawrence H. White


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