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Anthony Gill

Is It Time to Rethink Labor Day?

“When we celebrate market freedom, we end up celebrating all those who participate in the process. From the most humble of bartenders to the wealthiest of bankers, we all matter in what we do for one another.” ~ Anthony Gill


William J. Luther

Bitcoin and the Network Effects Problem

“There are steps entrepreneurs can take to help reduce the network effects problem. It is, nonetheless, an obstacle bitcoin must overcome to achieve widespread adoption.” ~ William J. Luther


Peter C. Earle

The Great Reconsideration

“If not merely a response to what has been a confusing, stressful, and financially challenging year-and-a-half, the Great Reconsideration of work, life, and self-actualization is likely to resonate vastly beyond the coming months.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Robert E. Wright

The Year of Corporate Discontent

“If you thought things were crazy on the corporate scene over the last few years, you should check out what happened in 1970. It is the stuff of blockbuster books and movies.” ~ Robert E. Wright


John Barry

Free Enterprise Day

“Our schools could celebrate Free Enterprise Day by devoting some time to teach about the nature of risk-taking and how it benefits everyone, not just the wealthy.” ~ John Barry


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