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Robert Hughes

Nonmanufacturing Index Rises in August; Initial Claims Lowest Since 1969

The ISM’s nonmanufacturing index rose to a reading of 58.5 from 55.7 in July. The results suggest the nonmanufacturing sector continued to grow in August. That performance is in line with the report for the manufacturing sector and other recent data that point to ongoing expansion for the overall economy.


Phillip W. Magness

FDR’s Forgotten Tax on the Poor

The real story of New Deal income tax policy is a revenue grab sustained by the expansion of income tax eligibility and enforcement onto the masses.


Max Gulker

Why Crypto’s Brutal Day May Be Good News for Crypto

This isn’t a ponzi scheme, conspiratorial black box, or “animal spirits” run amok. This, my friends, in all its messy and occasionally terrifying glory, is a market.


Chloe Anagnos

Kaepernick’s Cause Means Something to the Market

You might observe that this is the free market’s way to co-opt the anti-racist movement on behalf of capitalist profits. But maybe that’s not a criticism. Maybe that’s a way to get the message out and make it more culturally operational.


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