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William J. Luther

The Inflation Tide Appears To Be Turning

“If monthly core inflation rates are at or below 0.2 percent in August and September, we might more confidently conclude that the Fed is back on track. Until then, we can only hope for the best.” ~ William J. Luther


David Henderson

Contra Fauci, School Closings Will Shorten Lives

“The school shutdowns will go down as one of the most misguided policy decisions in our lifetime. Dr. Fauci may believe that the shutdowns didn’t harm anyone, but the facts say otherwise.” ~ David R. Henderson & Ryan Sullivan


Chris Woodward

Despite Shortages and Soaring Prices, West Coast AGs Fight to Block Natural Gas Pipeline

“Three additional major U.S. pipeline projects, the PennEast, Atlantic Coast, and Constitution, have all been canceled in the face of lawsuits and regulatory resistance in the past two years.” ~ Chris Woodward


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