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Robert Hughes

Labor, Materials, and Logistical Struggles Continue for the Manufacturing Sector

“Demand for manufactured goods remained very strong in August. However, labor, production, and logistical issues – many of which are worsening with the surge in new Covid cases – continue to restrain supply and pressure prices.” – Robert Hughes


Clifford Thies

Panetta Says We Will Return to Afghanistan

“Those who claimed that we could transform Afghanistan into a democracy only revealed that they don’t know much about what is involved in establishing liberty and the rule of law.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Christopher Lingle

Climate Science: Seeking Truth or Defending Consensus?

“Political agents can be expected to look to ‘science’ to provide a cover for expanded interventions or claims on resources that were previously considered to be unacceptable.” ~ Christopher Lingle


Colin Lloyd

After Lockdown

“Risks remain and the prospects for the global economy after lockdown remain uncertain. Honest valuation remains difficult when markets are so hampered. The next decade is likely to favour the tactical investor.” ~ Colin Lloyd


Zachary Yost

Increasing Evidence that Lockdowns and Social Distancing are Harming Kids

“It is not too late to stop such destructive policies going forward or to ensure that we learn from this disastrous episode in public health history.” ~ Zachary Yost


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