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trump, paternalism
Richard M. Ebeling

Trump’s “American Greatness” Also Political Paternalism

“Regardless of each citizen’s decision on how they may or may not vote in the coming November election, the real battle for the future of America is in this longer-term conflict of ideas, and the courage and willingness to not be despondent but, instead, shoulder some part of the effort to make that liberal Utopia an ideal wanted by a growing number of our fellow Americans.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


running businessman
Robert E. Wright

Entrepreneurship May Die Too

“America’s saving grace may be that most of the rest of the world, even Anglosphere countries like Australia and New Zealand, screwed up even worse. But the biggest threat was never a mass exodus of entrepreneurs, it was the loss of entrepreneurship itself.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Colin Lloyd

A Technological Revolution in Education

“EdTech is by no means the answer to every challenge faced by educators globally, but it has the potential to make a much greater difference than we have seen in the last twenty years. The COVID pandemic is a global tragedy, but necessity is the mother of invention. As we have seen elsewhere, technology is the solution to a wide array of today’s challenges.” ~ Colin Lloyd


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