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Adam Kissel

Student Loan Forgiveness and the Shifting Standards of the Department of Education

“There’s no need to be shy about calling the Department’s plans a new socialism of higher education: pay only what you can, the minimum amount vanishes toward zero, and the taxpayer will cover the rest.” ~ Adam Kissel


Richard M. Ebeling

Out of Control Government and Isaiah’s Job

“Just as Albert Jay Nock helped to cultivate a new generation of friends of freedom, that is our task in our own time. And together we can make a society of liberty a reality, without always being depressed or despondent about who or how many may be listening.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


William J. Luther

Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program is Poorly Targeted

“The student loan forgiveness program fails to help the very least well off while providing support for some of the most well off. It may be politically expedient, but it is difficult to justify on standard welfare grounds.” ~ William J. Luther


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