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Vincent Geloso

Quartering and its Importance to the American Revolution

“Quartering imposed a serious burden on local populations, especially laborers and poorer households. Its incidence is harder to measure than that of stamp, sugar and tea taxes. However, it is probably one of the most underappreciated major causal factors of the American Revolution.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Joakim Book

Sweden’s High Covid Death Rate Among the Nordics: “Dry Tinder” and Other Important Factors

“The single largest factor for why Sweden had it much worse than its Nordic neighbors during corona is the ‘dry tinder’ hypothesis. We are sensitive about borrowing the dry tinder metaphor for the persons of human souls, but the metaphor is clarifying: Maybe a country has more forest fires this year than its neighbors because it had fewer fires in previous years, and dry tinder accumulated, awaiting a spark.”


George Gilder

Faceless Nation

“With one of the two major presidential tickets joined in demanding a mandatory mask rule through Election Day and beyond, this election has become a test of the face of a nation.” ~ George Gilder


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