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Phillip W. Magness

How Twitter is Corrupting the History Profession

Social media once held great promise as a means of facilitating scholarly exchange. Unfortunately, academics themselves are becoming some of its worst actors.


Art Carden

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

The strangers at Uber cared for my loved ones by making it easier for me to get to and from the studio safely — and markets made it possible for them to do it without explicitly intending to do so.


Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 10
Jeffrey Tucker

The Market Is a Vessel for Delivering Love (Video)

I was honored to be interviewed by Matt Kibbe of Free the People for his podcast and video series, based on my new book The Market Loves You: Why You Should Love It Back (AIER, 2019). 


Joakim Book

Why Shouldn’t Brazil Burn Its Rainforest?

Instead of reproaching politicians, sensationalizing the news, or projecting imminent environmental disaster, let’s consider the more intriguing idea: maybe Brazil should clear more of its rainforest rather than less.


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