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James L. Caton

How Does the Federal Reserve Evaluate Policy?

“If inflation does not relent in approaching months, this call for a modest tightening will likely develop support from other ranking members of the Fed. I’m willing to bet that support for tightening will be strongly correlated with the value of the loss function presented here.” ~ James L. Caton


Ryan Yonk

Environmentalism as Religion: Unpacking the Congregation

“Academics, such as Vogel et al., have learned to use these tools to stretch their limited findings into a full-blown rallying cry for their own preferred policies; in this case, socialism on a global scale.” ~ Jessica Rood & Ryan M. Yonk


John Tamny

The Biden Administration’s Shameful Treatment of Keysight Technologies

“The Biden administration’s actions meant to bolster U.S. national security weren’t enhanced one iota by its tactless mugging of Keysight’s shareholders.” ~ John Tamny


Art Carden

I, Meal: The Symphonies of Cooperation on Made in a Day

“Airplane meals, tractors, guitars, and whiskey are the products of human design, but they are the products of human design that are parts of a broader symphony of order and cooperation no one mind is composing.” ~ Art Carden


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