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Joakim Book

Is the Amazon Really a Market Failure?

“A government strong enough to assign and enforce private property rights in remote areas wouldn’t have a problem with (excessive) deforestation in the first place. A government weak enough – or uninterested enough – that it’s unable to do so, couldn’t credibly abstain from chopping down trees, or promise that its citizens won’t do so either.” ~ Joakim Book


Art Carden

The Power of “No”

“Once we abandon a false and failed zero-sum worldview and realize just how much abundance is available for everyone, we will embrace winning friends, influencing people, and recognizing others’ right to say ‘no’ to any offer.” ~ Art Carden


Jeffrey Tucker

Small Signs of Hope that Lockdowns Could Soon End

“How does all of this get resolved? Probably not through contrition much less restitution for all the damage they’ve caused. It’s just an intuition for now, but I am guessing that there are many politicians at home and abroad who are already planning their next career moves, out of the public spotlight and the heat of a furious public for whom it is becoming increasingly obvious that these policies created a catastrophe.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


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