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Robert Hughes

Consumer Sentiment Improved in August but Remains Low

“Consumer sentiment improved in August but remains very low. Inflation expectations eased but uncertainty increased. Caution is warranted.” ~ Robert Hughes


Richard Williams

Risk Analysis for Children’s Health

“Given that the benefits to children from lowering exposure to any of the FDA or EPA chemicals may be negligible to non-existent, we would likely be better off addressing more serious concerns for children.” ~ Richard Williams


Joshua Hendrickson

Criminal Code

“The Tornado Cash ban is very disappointing. Rather than bolstering financial privacy, the U.S. government is making financial privacy a crime.” ~ Joshua R. Hendrickson & William J. Luther


Scott Scheall

Complexity, Scientism, and Contemporary Politics

“The scientistic attitude encourages policymakers to adopt what Hayek called a ‘pretense of knowledge,’ an overconfident, if not plainly false, belief in their own knowledge and powers of social control.” ~ Scott Scheall


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