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Gary Galles

Blame the Federal Diabetic Assault

“History is full of politicians claiming ‘market failure,’ and offering pet policies as solutions, when they are really government failures created by previous pet policies, because the results are reflected in changed market behavior.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Robert Hughes

Real Durable-goods Orders Fell in July

“Real manufacturers’ new orders trend growth remains weak. Rising prices, Fed policy tightening, and global turmoil sustain elevated risks.” ~ Robert Hughes


William J. Luther

Why Will Inflation Remain So High For So Long?

“I cannot think of a good reason for inflation to remain high through 2024; but many bad reasons come to mind. The most likely explanation, in my opinion, is that Fed officials do not take their average inflation target very seriously.” ~ William J. Luther


Michael Graham

What Happened to Reducing Inflation?

“The NBC News poll asked what impact voters believed the new law, whatever it is called, will have on them personally. Just 26 percent said it would make things better; 35 percent said it would make things worse.” ~ Michael Graham


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