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Robert Hughes

New Single-Family Home Sales Rise but Signs of Moderation Are Emerging

“New-home sales rose in July while supply conditions eased a bit further. Rising prices, somewhat higher mortgage rates, and resurgent Covid cases are likely to sustain continued crosswinds and increased uncertainty for the housing market.” – Robert Hughes


Max Borders

Fawning Over Fauci

“The lack of any serious investigation into Anthony Fauci is an object lesson in groupthink and the ‘gated institutional narrative. Though it might mean sacrificing short-term gains, journalists who do their jobs will be rewarded in the long run.'” ~ Max Borders


Peter C. Earle

The Lumber Market Crash

“Unfortunately, carefully considering trade-offs remains alien to the calculus of public officials. From utter scarcity to crushing abundance in less than 100 days, the lumber epic is entering a new phase.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Ethan Yang

University Caves On Vaccine Lawsuit But Questions Remain

“The parties resolved the case without a trial, which means that pressing legal questions never stood the test of litigation. Thus, the contest between individual rights and limited government on the one hand and public health discretion on the other still rages.” ~ Ethan Yang


Joakim Book

Monetary Institutions and Monetary Control: What the Fed Should and Shouldn’t Do

“Professors Boettke, Salter, and Smith take aim at the root of monetary policy of our time; finding it deeply deficient, they recommend putting central banks under very strict rules. Bring on the fetters.” ~ Joakim Book


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