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Ryan Yonk

Goodbye, Anthony Fauci

“Dr. Fauci’s career has been one of maximizing budgets and influence for his agencies and himself, all the while handling multiple public health crises with less than stellar outcomes.” ~ Ryan M. Yonk & David Waugh


Robert Hughes

New Single-Family Home Sales Continue to Plunge

“New-home sales fell again in July, and inventories continued to surge. Elevated prices and mortgage rates reduce affordability and are likely to weaken future demand.” ~ Robert Hughes


Alexander W. Salter

Understanding the Basics of Money Demand

“If nothing else, a cash-balances interpretation of the equation of exchange can help us better understand the relationship between the money supply and nominal income.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Jon Sanders

How the Supreme Court Changed the Calculus for Hyperregulation

“The administrative state’s cynical calculus has been upended. It can no longer count on courts to bless their claims of discovering hitherto unnoticed devastating powers tucked away in ‘gap filler’ statutory language.” ~ Jon Sanders


George Leef

Higher Education is Complicit in the Politicization of Science

“We are entering our own period of Lysenkoism, Staddon fears. Those who espouse politically correct narratives get ahead, while those who challenge them are ignored or censored.” ~ George Leef


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