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Robert Hughes

Existing-Home Sales Surge in July, Extending Sharp Recovery

Existing-home sales jumped again in July, making housing a bright spot for the economy, but the outlook remains highly uncertain.


Robert E. Wright

Terrible Policies Possess Both Virulence and Prevalence

“We have civilization and prosperity not because we are smart but because we permit the freedom to cooperate toward building smart social and economic institutions.” ~ Robert E. Wright


uber driver
Raymond C. Niles

Ride Sharing and the Absurdity of “Protecting” Workers Out of a Job

“Government regulation unnecessarily pushes up transaction costs. In this case, by mandating unwanted benefits, those transaction costs are so high that Uber/Lyft are choosing not to transact at all in California. This is a huge loss for Uber, Lyft, its drivers, and their thousands of customers.” ~ Raymond C. Niles


Art Carden

Happy Birthday to Libertarian Firebrand Walter Block

“His positions can be very, very off-putting. He strips pretty much everything down to a simple question: ‘Is it voluntary?’ If the answer is ‘yes,’ then he argues that we have no right to interfere no matter how much we might disapprove.” ~ Art Carden


Edward Stringham

For Economic Recovery, the Lockdowns Must End (Videos)

I’ve been doing some media appearances on the ongoing economic stagnation. It is not an accident of history. It is an imposition by governments. Constantly changing rules and stringencies hamper economic recovery, harm especially small and medium sized business, and drive down investment and income.


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