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Michael Peterson

The Impracticality of Immigration Restrictions During a Pandemic

“If we really want to increase legal immigration — as most would agree — we must ease the immigration process by signaling to potential arrivals not only that they can get in line, but that one exists in the first place.” ~ Michael N. Peterson


John Tamny

Book Review: Mark Spitznagel’s Truly Spectacular ‘Safe Haven’

“Mark Spitznagel certainly is not captive to convention, which is why Safe Haven is such a joy. To the author, ‘becoming conventional is self-defeating in this business.’ Amen to that. The world needs more people like Spitznagel, and more books like the one he’s written.” ~ John Tamny


Doug Bandow

Engage Rather Than Sanction the Cuban People

“Washington should stop punishing the very people the Cuban government is oppressing. One frustrated Cuban told me that ‘We need the Americans back.’ President Biden, let the American people go!” ~ Doug Bandow


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