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James L. Caton

Stop Tearing Down Statues. Use Them to Tell the Story of American Liberty.

“It is time that we confront our paradoxical history of personalities, beliefs, and institutions, telling a story of continued struggle to manifest a civic inheritance of individual liberty and human dignity. A struggle marked with failure, but which we hope will continue to bear fruit for the good of humankind.” ~ James L. Caton


Warren Gibson

An Economics Lesson on the Ceiling

“Whether you are a student or a senior citizen, be curious about the physics, engineering, and economics behind the everyday devices and systems that you depend on so heavily and take so much for granted. Of course, there isn’t time to research everything but with so many resources now available online, you can reward yourself by learning something new every day.” ~ Warren C. Gibson


Art Carden

A Three-Item Post-Pandemic Regulatory Wishlist

“It is easy to say ‘this is what the government should do;’ however, it is a lot harder to actually make the government do it. Progress toward a permissive, innovation-embracing political and cultural constitution would be just that: progress.” ~ Art Carden


Joakim Book

Let’s Cancel Environmentalism: A Triple Review of Environmentalism’s Opponents

“We need to cancel environmentalism – and replace it with a scientifically sound and carefully deliberated environmental humanism. A humanism where damages and harm to the planet matters, but so do human life, wealth, and well-being.” ~ Joakim Book


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