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stormy fed
Thomas L. Hogan

Can the Fed Reduce Inequality?

“If the Fed aims to reduce inequality, it should use policies that are known to be effective. There is little scope for affecting inequality with monetary policy. Reducing banks’ regulatory burden reduces inequality by improving the lives of Americans with the lowest incomes.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


Robert Hughes

Home Construction Fully Recovers from COVID-19

Housing starts and permits rose in July. The outlook is supported by easing lockdown restrictions, low mortgage rates, and rebounding builder confidence but demand remains uncertain.


Ethan Yang

The Insidious Political Ends of Cancel Culture

“The problem comes when such behavior gets so pervasive that it makes any sort of desirable social fabric impossible. To those people who wish to engage in the heavy politicization, divisiveness, and domination inherent to cancel culture, I say: make sure we actually have a society left.” ~ Ethan Yang


Art Carden

Review of Steven Horwitz, Austrian Economics: An Introduction

“Austrian Economics: An Introduction is a very useful and accessible summary of what we know about this simple but powerful paradigm. Teachers and students alike would benefit from consulting it.” ~ Art Carden


James Bovard

Mail Slowdowns Started 50 Years Before Trump

“‘The post office has been run poorly for many, many decades,’ Trump declared last week. In a less histrionic era, the Postal Service’s failures could spur Congress to finally remove the roadblocks to private innovation in letter delivery. Instead, the coming delivery debacles may become the conspiratorial RussiaGate of the 2020 election.” ~ James Bovard


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