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Robert Hughes

Nominal and Real Core Retail Sales Increase in July

“Real core retail sales rose in July, and the recent trend is modestly higher. However, threats to the economy remain significant. Caution is warranted.” ~ Robert Hughes


Caleb Fuller

Self-Driving Cars and the Nirvana Fallacy

“While these cars may not be perfect, that would only mean they are well-suited for planet earth, where perfection only exists among the Platonic forms—and in the minds of D.C. regulators.” ~ Caleb S. Fuller


Michael Cannon

Government Is the Scourge of Diabetics, Not Their Savior

“The fact that congressional Democrats and the rest of the federal government will not give up even a little bit of their power in order to help diabetics tells you where their hearts really lie.” ~ Michael F. Cannon


Peter C. Earle

About That “0 Percent” Inflation in July

“Americans consume goods and services, not the CPI. A look within the June to July 2022 price index exposes 0% inflation as a meaningless statistical aberration. Celebrating it as an achievement is pitiful.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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