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statue, liberty
Richard M. Ebeling

Watchwords that Threaten Liberty

“This does not mean that oppressions, injustices, and ‘privileges’ have not existed and, when present, should not be repealed. But it is necessary to comprehend that, at the end of the day, it is political power, through its legitimized threat and use of force, that has been and is behind virtually all such immoral practices. And that the ideas and ideals of classical liberalism have been and remain the only lasting answers to ending the real social and cultural ills that continue to plague parts of humanity around the world.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Robert Hughes

Pandemic Lockdown Distortions: Manufacturing Pulls Back While Housing Gains

Distortions to economic activity are becoming more differentiated as lockdowns are partially eased and consumers adjust to current conditions.


Donald J. Boudreaux

Fear Is a Viral Monster

“If a large enough number of us can be convinced that an unseen, vile monster lurks in everyone else, the resulting widespread fear empowers government officials to do what government officials do best – and what they’ve done so horribly over the past five months: destroy.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Robert E. Wright

So Long Independence?

“America might not become Amerika or the American Reich solely because of the 2020 euthanasia of its proprietor class, but an important check on extremism is fading fast, a fact apparently lost on its self-absorbed political class.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Gunther Schnabl

ECB: On the Credit Wave towards Zombification

“As in the planned economies, negative productivity gains and painful prosperity losses will be unavoidable. Because productivity gains are the basis for real wage increases, the benign long-term credit conditions of the ECB increasingly become a burden for the young people in Europe.” ~ Gunther Schnabl & Nils Sonnerberg


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