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Robert Bradley

Energy Infamy: Nixon’s 1971 Price Controls Turn 50

“The 1970s stand as one of most grievous eras in the history of energy, and public policy in general. And it happened as a byproduct of a seemingly innocuous, temporary government intervention.” ~ Robert L. Bradley Jr.


Barry Brownstein

Good Medicine Requires Second Opinions

“In the 1920s drinking water infused with radium was hailed as ‘one of the greatest boons to ailing mankind that ever was discovered.’ In matters of health, competition and second opinions lead to better medicine.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Lawrence H White

The End of Bretton Woods, Jacques Rueff, and the “Monetary Sin of the West”

“As its contemporary critics understood, Bretton Woods was doomed to fail if it could not be fundamentally reformed. One of its chief contemporary critics was the French economist, Jacques Rueff.” ~ Lawrence H. White


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