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Robert Hughes

Consumer Sentiment Improved in Early August but Remains Very Low

“Consumer sentiment ticked up in early August but hovers near record lows. Inflation expectations eased but remain a driver of weak consumer attitudes. The outlook is highly uncertain.” ~ Robert Hughes


Jon Sanders

Bug Off and Let People Enjoy Their Food

“The problem isn’t us having a ‘yuck factor’ to dignified mealworms and astounding fly larvae. The problem is them declaring such things ‘the future of food’ and telling us that our disgust is a threat to the world.” ~ Jon Sanders


Gerald P. Dwyer

Should the Federal Reserve Set its Own Goals?

“A target that is not determined solely by the Federal Reserve is less subject to changes solely due to deliberations at the Federal Reserve. It will enhance monetary policy’s effectiveness.” ~ Gerald P. Dwyer


Alexander Riley

The DIE Revolution Will Transform Tenure

“If universities start removing outspoken faculty members who are adherent to the traditional academic ethic, there will simply be no recourse within the new system.” ~ Alexander Riley


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