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Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims Increase for the Fifth Time in the Last Six Weeks

“Weekly initial claims rose again, continuing the recent upward trend. Sustained elevated rates of price increases, low consumer confidence, and aggressive Fed tightening are major risks for the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


William J. Luther

Accounting for Inflation

“The great irony is that inflation would have been transitory if only the Fed had stabilized nominal spending. Prices would have risen above trend to reflect below-trend production and then returned to trend as production recovered.” ~ William J. Luther & Morgan Timmann


Robert E. Wright

Save Your Flip Flops for the Beach

“Voters should vote their convictions and consciences as the Framers intended, and policymakers and pundits should stop flip-flopping like fish or flimsy footwear. Either way, it’s a bad look that hurts democratic discourse.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Bjorn Lomborg

Energy Hypocrisy as Rich Countries Denying the Poor the Power to Develop

“This promised nirvana is a sham consisting of wishful thinking and green marketing. The world’s rich would never accept off-grid, renewable energy themselves — nor should the world’s poor.” ~ Bjorn Lomborg


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