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Doug Bandow

Engaging China was the Right Strategy Then; It Remains the Right Strategy Now

“Americans should address the very real challenges posed by the PRC’s oppressive shift under Xi Jinping. But they should remain engaged with China and especially the Chinese people. Liberty is under siege but not forever lost.” ~ Doug Bandow


Robert Hughes

Everyday Price Index Outpaces the CPI in July

“AIER’s Everyday Price Index rose again, led by food and energy. Prices for many goods and services are still distorted by the lingering effects of government shutdowns. As these distortions fade, price pressures are likely to ease.” – Robert Hughes


Christopher Lingle

Illusions of Central Bank Independence

“Blame for this grim outcome will likely fall at the feet of the usual suspects, ‘neo-liberal’ policies and unfettered markets. Meanwhile the true culprits, the global fiat currency regime and unrepentant central bankers, will be absolved of their sins.” ~ Christopher Lingle


Phillip W. Magness

Who Fact Checks the Fact Checkers? A Report on Media Censorship

“When we see fact checkers like NewsGuard, who not only fail to uphold their high-sounding principles but even publicly encourage working with the government to suppress speech, we should raise red flags.” ~ Phillip W. Magness & Ethan Yang


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