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Jeffrey Tucker

Authoritarianism in Auckland

“New Zealand looks and feels like paradise. Sadly, thanks to brutal and deeply incompetent political leadership, that paradise is lost, lost to the superstitions of the COVID faith that power, police, and adoring news coverage can scare a pathogen to go away and stay away.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Robert Hughes

Drop in Small-Business Optimism Reflects Renewed Uncertainty

Small-business confidence fell in July as rising COVID-19 cases, political turmoil, and persistent consumer apprehension smother hopes for a rapid rebound.


George Gilder

The New Fascism

“Tamny is giving us a heroic book just in time to lead this movement. We have been suffering not from a medical crisis but from a political and economic and institutional crisis. We have undergone a vast breakdown of moral, educational, intellectual and journalistic standards.” ~ George Gilder


medicine, innovation
Barry Brownstein

How Government “Cures” Drive Out Real Cures

“A government that suppresses debate and wants to funnel billions towards politically connected firms will discredit all challengers to their favored solutions. In the name of what they define as ‘the science,’ the discovery process of real science is suppressed. Science suppressors are part of an illiberal movement whose members, in the words of Jeffrey Tucker, are ‘enemies of freedom and human rights.'”


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