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Ethan Yang

Study Outlines The Damage to Democracy and Human Rights Under Lockdowns

“With the necessity for a system of limited government under a liberal democracy coming into question every passing year, 2020 serves as a preview for what life could become if we fail to defend our freedoms.” ~ Ethan Yang


Robert Hughes

Small Business Sentiment Drops on Labor and Materials Shortages, Weakening Economic Outlook

“Small-business confidence declined in July as expectations for the economy weakened, labor difficulties continued, and supply-chain disruptions restrained production.” – Robert Hughes


Richard M. Ebeling

A Deficit of Clear Thinking About Loss of Freedom

“We are running headlong in the direction of a far more comprehensive paternalistic state, and farther away from a world in which government would basically leave us alone in our peaceful and voluntary actions and activities with our fellow human beings.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling 


Joakim Book

How to Be a Green Economist, Nordhaus-Style

“Is there a way to be a concerned environmentalist without falling prey to the ‘It’s all a scam’ on one side and ‘It’s the apocalypse’ on the other? I believe so; deep down, I believe Professor Nordhaus does so too. The Spirit of Green shows it, but you need to dig a bit to find it.” ~ Joakim Book


Peter C. Earle

Populist Prophets, Public Profits, and the Pied Pipers of Lucre

“Keith Gill and the WallStreetBets horde aren’t going anywhere, and their crusade is not unique. They are preceded by many other campaigns, the earliest of which were Thomas Lawson’s in early 20th century Boston.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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