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Robert Hughes

The Big Churn: Job Openings and Quits Rise Again in June

“Job openings hit another record high in June with quits rising and layoffs extremely low.” – Robert Hughes


Adam Creighton

Bill Gates Praises Australia’s Covid Response

“Gates, whose personal wealth is in excess of $132 billion, called for a ‘very different regimen so all countries can get on top of cases very quickly and be more like Australia than Europe or the United States ended up being.'” ~ Adam Creighton


Ethan Yang

We Can’t Take On Global Tyranny Without Cleaning Our Own House

“If we want a world of open markets, universal human rights, prudent statecraft, and limited government, we must first return to those values here at home.” ~ Ethan Yang


Gary Galles

American Democrats—Then and Now

“The Biden Administration extended the CDC eviction moratorium despite admitting it was ‘unable to find legal authority for a new, targeted eviction moratorium,’ after extensive efforts to do so.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Donald J. Boudreaux

Some Classical Liberal Priors

“A mark of wisdom is to be aware of one’s priors and to struggle to prevent these both from obstructing one’s own personal quest for a better understanding of reality, and from impeding productive discussion with other persons.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


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