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Robert E. Wright

Is It Democracy if Ballots Aren’t Secret?

“If Covid or some other ‘public health crisis’ can be used to justify anything and everything and if the same entity asserting emergency powers can also rubber stamp their powers and ignore SCOTUS, what can’t that entity do if so inclined?” ~ Robert E. Wright


Robert Mulligan

Long-Term Labor Force Trends & the COVID-19 Recession

“It remains to be seen if a further legacy of our several decades of accelerating fiscal profligacy and expansionary monetary policy will turn out to be a permanent reversal of our progress in labor participation and equality.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Ethan Yang

Prominent Law Professor Sues His School Over Vaccine Policy

“The significance of this case cannot be overstated with vaccine mandates and passports being considered and implemented across the country. One does not need a background in law to understand that the pandemic has sent the country into another constitutional inflection point.” ~ Ethan Yang


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