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Robert Hughes

Big Upside Surprise for the July Jobs Report

“Payrolls posted a strong gain in July, though other labor market indicators are still questionable. Sustained price pressures, an intensifying Fed tightening cycle, and ongoing fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine are significant risks for the economy.” ~ Robert Hughes


Gary Galles

Compassion Compromised by Contradictions

“Advocates for minimum wages and rent controls justify both as compassionate. But they ignore both logic and the far from compassionate violations of employers’ and landlords’ property rights imposed.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Peter Pitts

It Doesn’t Get Much Worse Than ‘Build Back Better’

“Americans should be alarmed. The bill has the potential to handcuff innovation in one of the most critical and successful sectors of the American economy.” ~ Peter J. Pitts


Raymond C. Niles

The Lottery Life: Creating Lucky Housing Winners at the Expense of Everyone Else

“Inexpensive new housing can be built again if only the government will get out of the way. End the ‘Lottery Life’ in housing and watch market entrepreneurs do the rest.” ~ Raymond C. Niles


Phillip W. Magness

Facebook Fact-Checks Recession Analysis | Phillip Magness on Fox News (Video)

“Phillip Magness, Research and Education Director at AIER, discusses the censorship tactics enacted against him after he shared a post regarding the White House’s attempts to redefine ‘recession.'” ~ AIER


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