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Antony Davies

The Fall of the Dominoes

“What we can do at this point is to look back at key points where we could have stopped them falling – like taking seriously the idea of a limited government and the principle of sound money – and ensure that, when the dust settles, we warn future generations not to repeat those errors.” ~ Antony Davies


Amelia Janaskie

The Refusal to Acknowledge Trade-Offs

“In every policy discussion including those around public health, understanding that trade-offs will occur is an important part of the policy process. When we refuse to engage with that reality, we will almost always pay far higher costs than are warranted.” ~ Amelia Janaskie & Ryan M. Yonk


Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Are Flattening Out

“Weekly initial claims for unemployment benefits fell slightly in the latest week but the trend appears to be flattening. A tight labor market and a record number of open jobs should continue to drive initial claims lower, but the Delta variant is increasing uncertainty.” – Robert Hughes


James Bovard

Pseudo-Omniscience Versus Freedom

“Twitter followers exalt Paul Krugman for asserting ‘the rhetoric of freedom is actually about privilege.’ Unfortunately, plenty of prominent poohbahs are enjoying the privilege of trying to destroy other Americans’ freedom.” ~ James Bovard


J.P. Koning

How Tether Can Improve Its Pie Chart

“Tether will be publishing its next pie chart sometime in the middle of August. Given its flagging issuance, Tether has every reason to do a better job than before. The whole cryptocurrency world will be watching.” ~ J.P. Koning


Robert Mulligan

Labor Force Participation Over the Covid-19 Recession

“Now that the economy is recovering, demand for labor has outpaced the supply—too many workers are unwilling to work under post-pandemic conditions, though this will likely be alleviated as relief and unemployment benefits expire.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


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