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Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims Increase for the Fourth Time in the Last Five Weeks

“Weekly initial claims rose again, continuing the recent upward trend. Sustained elevated rates of price increases, aggressive Fed tightening, and a softening labor market are major risks for the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Alexander W. Salter

Price Stability and the Fed

“Politics is compromise. Half a loaf is better than no loaf at all. Price stability is the half-loaf of monetary policy rules. It seems foolish to go hungry simply because haute cuisine is unaffordable.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Joshua Hendrickson

Bitcoin and the Cost Fallacy

“Energy cost doesn’t put a floor under the price. Instead, it is the price that influences the energy cost. The price of bitcoin is just about supply and demand. Same as it ever was.” ~ Joshua R. Hendrickson


Kate Wand

Redefining Recession: The White House Goes Orwellian (Video)

“Kate Wand, host of AIER’s Liberty Curious podcast, explores the implications of redefining the meaning of words in a post-truth society, using Magness’ essay on the White House attempt at redefining the term recession.” ~ AIER


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