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Phillip W. Magness

Biden Borrows the Nixon Playbook on Recessions

“The White House’s definitional wordsmithing could not overcome the onset of worsening economic realities in 1974, and its frequent appeals to the NBER determination could not run down the clock against a prolonged recession.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Antony Davies

A Way Out

“What’s remarkable is that a plan that makes retirees better off, makes the government better off, and shuts down Social Security without cutting benefits to existing retirees or raising payroll taxes on existing workers would be possible at all.” ~ Antony Davies


Robert Hughes

Consumer Sentiment Remained Near Record Lows in Late July

“Consumer sentiment ticked up in July but remains near record lows and consistent with prior recessions. Inflation is a driver of weakening consumer attitudes and contributing to elevated risks. The outlook is highly uncertain.” ~ Robert Hughes


Thomas L. Hogan

Inflation and the Fed’s Failure to Act

“Fed officials must prioritize monetary stability over political objectives such as inequality and climate policy. To simplify its operations, the Fed should consider returning to the pre-2008 corridor system of monetary policy.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


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